Swiping The Cymbals – Dom Famularo

Swiping The Cymbals – Dom Famularo

The fastest way to get faster on drums:

Want to make your playing more exciting?

It’s the two-for-one special! In this quick 5-minute lesson, Dom Famularo describes what it means to ‘swipe the cymbals’, how to do it, and how you can incorporate it into your playing.

This cool technique uses the low Moeller stroke to flick the stick up, striking a cymbal from below, before coming back down to strike it again on top. It’s a great way to get a quick double hit with one motion.

Try it on a splash, crash, or hi-hats. When you accentuate the two hits with the bass drum, you – in Dom’s words – “give it the punch it was meant to have!”

The more you experiment with cymbal swiping, the more new opportunities you’ll discover. Whether it means changing your setup or trying new grooves, this is one way to add real character to your drumming.

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