Scrapbooking Paper Supply Haul

Scrapbooking Paper Supply Haul

Come check out some cool scrapbooking papers that I picked up yesterday for a really good price. Also, I will be sharing some links to helpful resources. Thanks for watching!


To check out Tablewear for the large tote bag I used to haul my scrapbooking papers (and other goodies) see:

And for the scrapbooking paper place that I shopped at:


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For my Etsy shop where you can get handmade, vintage, and junk journal-related digital products, as well as purchase some junk journals which I have made, click here: to buy my handsewn goods, junk journals, and vintage treasures

For my vintage button earrings – great and unique gifts for any occasion, click here:

And for all sorts of leather (and also some fabric) trimmings which would make great additions to your journals or to any other creative project you might be thinking about, click here:

To see my current Cratejoy subscription packages, click here:

Cratejoy links (Monthly ephemera packs):

Cratejoy links (Monthly reusable pantyliners): for surprise used books, tea, and bookmarks every month *swoon*

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And if you want to know my mailing address (for those who have asked) please send your questions/comments/concerns to:

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Thanks for watching!

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