Put A Rose Cutting In A Potato And Watch It GROW!!!

Put A Rose Cutting In A Potato And Watch It GROW!!!

Put A Rose Cutting In A Potato And Watch It GROW!!! How to grow roses from stem cuttings.

New and improved method 2.0 Make sure to watch this video next! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vWIgt1C30c

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Red Rose – https://goo.gl/iXKhkf
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Peach Rose – https://goo.gl/IhCko1
White Rose – https://goo.gl/wyvyo6
White Climbing Rose – https://goo.gl/38wLOs
Double Red Knockout – https://goo.gl/kZd8IT
Double Pink Knockout – https://goo.gl/1Z1Fcb


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Organic growing a rose cutting in a potato. Easy way of how to grow a rose flower indoors or in a container.

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