Knitting Vicariously: Episode 27 – Good As Gold

Knitting Vicariously: Episode 27 – Good As Gold

I LOVE GOLD! But – better still – SO DO YOU LOT! I’m beyond delighted with the reaction to our #gloriousgoldalong; the projects you’ve been churning out are in-freaking-credible and I’m so pleased to be sharing a shed-tonne of them in this episode. That’s not all though. There’s definitely more than a little gold fever this week and I’m keen as mustard (!) to share what I’ve been working on.

Thank you so much for watching!
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Title Screen courtesy of the human delights that are Kate Howland (@graphicdyeworks) and Bex Daniels (@bexdaniels) – thank you so much!

Our GLORIOUS GOLD-A-LONG is underway! Running from Monday 1st July 2019 until Friday 18th October, you’re invited to knit, crochet, sew, embroider, buy and wear your gold with pride! Definitions of “gold” are lax in the extreme and we’ll be coming together in solidarity to showcase our gold FOs on Rhinebeck weekend (18-20th October), whether you’re attending in person or merely in spirit.

Shifted by Justyna Lorkowska –
My Shifted project page –
Yarn: Madelinetosh BFL DK in Golden Pecan (purchased from
Project Bag:
Progress Keeper:

Silvia by Sari Nordlund –
Pixie Dust by Tamy Gore –
Urban Jungle by Rachel Illsley of Unwind Knitwear –

Showcasing fabulous projects from bestemorskills, dairiona, lilochkakvitochka, lieshmb, piccolagrace, bleatingart, anjalovesknits, epiphany4SB, ygymraes, eannrn, moiraeknittoo, brinabee, magot, knitosaurusrex, @fitz6784, carolynHP, afondersmith, @otirso, @thpunypurl, ymalcolm, @szyulo_, @transientmiaow, hazysummers, @laumade, @hashtagkait, @ionmhainn, @amaranthine.wonder, @beckywhitt85, @dalianzaknits,, @jeanthecreativepixie, @inimini.makes, @bonzee06, @strikknit, @funkynerd.memade, zandi, @streelymade, @caroknitsandpurls, @samantha_guerin_design, @littleknitterhappyeater, knotem, @knittingjungle, tammo, @mourghana, audrey-, @acraftyscientist, suzygirl, kikicarlisle, divineinsaknity

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