Knitting Help – Portuguese Fair Isle

Knitting Help – Portuguese Fair Isle

Using the Portuguese style of knitting in fair isle is a unique way to keep both strands of yarn easily going at once.

This video is sponsored by Eucalan, the wool soap I trust for all of my knits – I’ve used this fiber wash for years! Eucalan is available at many retailers, you can learn more and purchase at their website here:

You can see my playlist of Portuguese Knitting videos here:

My two magnetic Portuguese knitting pins are from these Etsy shops:
BessTIME Etsy Shop –
CoffeeNapKnit Etsy Shop –

The hat I’m knitting in the video is called Bror:

The yarns I’m using are both Berroco Vintage Worsted.

The needles I’m using in the video are Knitter’s Pride Royale from a 16″ needle set.

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