How to make yoyos and sew together

How to make  yoyos and sew together

One of my friends wants to teach her children some beginning sewing so she asked me to make a tutorial for her. So that she and her children can learn this and are able to review it several times. These are fabric yo-yos also known a Suffolk’s puffs and Buttons in USA during the 1930’sand 1940’s.
Other useful info on my blog: If you just want to see some examples here are all the posts on my blog about yo-yos alot of them. In these examples you will find how to lay them out what some ideas are for things I have used them in. Also there are tools out there if you want fancier ones. Some talk about other people that do yo-yos, examples of vintage yo-yos, there is a lot of info on here. Have fun searching through it all. Also good luck teaching the girls you will need to let me know how it goes.

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