How to BIND OFF Knitting for Total Beginners

How to BIND OFF Knitting for Total Beginners

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Today you’ll learn how to bind off in knitting once you’re finished your project. How exciting!

At this point, you’ve got some rows of knitting under your belt. You should be very proud of yourself! You’ve used two sticks to transform a loose bundle of string into a knitted rectangle. Now it’s time to get your knitting off the needles.

To bind off knitting, you’ll start on a new row and knit the first two stitches. Now you’ve got two stitches on your right needle.

Take the first stitch and bring it over the second stitch. Think of the first stitch leapfrogging over the second. Now you’ve got one stitch on the right needle. The other stitch has been bound off.

Knit one more stitch from the left needle. Once again, you have two stitches on your right needle. Take the first stitch and leapfrog it over the second stitch. Another stitch has been bound off!

Continue in this manner until one stitch is left on your needle.

TIP: When binding off, remember that you always need TWO STITCHES on the right needle. No more and no less. One stitch is the leapfrogger, and the other one is waiting be leapfrogged over. Binding off is a game for two.

When you’ve got one stitch left, cut the strand of yarn, leaving a tail of 5-6 inches. Thread that yarn into the last stitch and pull tight. Your bind off is secure. Huzzah!

Now your project is complete. It’s all grown up and ready to enter the real world!

You’ll find tutorials and guides for making a Slip knot, Cast On, Knit Stitch and Bind Off. These techniques form a sturdy foundation for knitting.

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